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  • CLINICALLY TESTED:  A clinical study showed gains of up to 8 lbs of muscle mass in just 12 weeks compared to placebo.
  • NATURAL STRENGTH SUPPLEMENT: Made from fertilized egg yolks using a unique patented process, YOLKED® has unique complex molecules that increase muscle building and decrease muscle loss.
  • UNLOCK PROTEIN’S POTENTIAL: This delicious on-the-go Vanilla crumble enhances your body’s ability to utilize protein more efficiently and build lean muscle.
  • BUILT FOR THE GYM: Each 12 Pack of YOLKED contains 12 individual pouches of a delicious vanilla crumble that can be consumed right out of the packet or added to your favorite smoothie or yogurt. 
  • CERTIFIED FOR SPORT: YOLKED is NSF Certified for Sport.

3 Month Supply YOLKED

$269.97 Regular Price
$89.99Sale Price
  • YOLKED is an All-Natural Product Clinically Proven to Build Muscle Faster, providing Athletes Superior Nutrition. YOLKED is the ultimate Muscle Building Powder made from Fertilized Egg Yolk using our own patented process. There is nothing like it on the market today! Discover why Athletes and Trainers are raving about the results after just one month.