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A Delicious Vanilla Crumble Snack

Clinically proven to

Build lean muscle faster and improve recovery.

FOR A LIMITED TIME, Take the YOLKED® 90 Day Challenge and save over 75% off your 90 day supply of YOLKED.  Enjoy the benefits of faster recovery, more muscle and a better golf game. 

YOLKED® Is Not Another Protein Supplement!

YOLKED® is a delicious snack that you can eat right from the pouch or sprinkle in your favorite yogurt or protein shake. YOLKED helps unlock the potential of the protein you consume and helps your body utilize that protein more efficiently.

YOLKED is powered by Fortetropin®, a revolutionary ingredient made through a patented process that maintains the powerful and vital nutrients of fertilized egg yolks to build more lean muscle.


Fertilized egg yolk is unique in that it has complex molecules that increase muscle building and decrease muscle loss.


YOLKED is a muscle enhancer which has been clinically shown to build up to 8 lbs of muscle mass in 12 weeks! 

Yolked® is all natural and contains 3 simple ingredients: fertilized egg yolk powder, dextrose and natural vanilla flavor!



3 Boxes of 30 Count Packets

90 Total Packets


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6.6g Fortetropin®

Ingredients: Egg Yolk Powder (Fortetropin®), Dextrose and Natural Vanilla Flavor Each single serve packet contains 6.6g of Fortetropin®

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Hit the ball farther with YOLKED®! 

The easiest way to put more strength in your game. 

Our University of California, Berkeley study performed by principal investigator William J Evans, Ph.D showed that Fortetropin increased rate of muscle protein synthesis in older adults by 15%.